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A new podcast that can be a bit of a train wreck. Each week your hosts Anna and April sit down with different guest and talk about life, liberty, and the pursuit of all things random. They play games, take silly quizzes or play absurd card games and generally talk about movies and tv shows at one point or another.

July 18, 2017

23. Afterlife Afterparty


This week Anna and April's friend Bethany returns, along with Elizabeth, to talk about the afterlife.  They talk about beliefs of different cultures, their hopes for the afterlife, and contend with the many interruptions of a sluthing three year old.  Sorry for the wonky sounding audio.  Our tech specialist, who shall remain nameless *cough, APRIL, cough* didn't plug the equiptment in right and recorded the audio through the wrong mics.  Hope you enjoy!

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